Monday, November 17, 2014

6/100 ~ 100 Face Challenge

Art Lover
To be quite honest, #6 was a surprise. I spent some time working on a couple layouts in my art/smash journal. As you can see below, I smashed a bunch of shapes and patterns in this layout, along with some art clippings. The lady in the pink hat was the first image I added to this spread. She's a gorgeous illustration by the NYC fashion illustrator, Renie. (Yes, I just had to look her up!)

Full layout in my Art/Smash Journal
After adding several images, I began to block in color, mainly the coral orange and turquoisy blues. I also added pops of pink. Then I began drawing in details and patterns, dialoguing with the patterns and colors I already saw on the page. I wanted to explore beauty and aesthetics. 

I cut out the word ART from a piece of junk mail offering a luxury credit card (yeah right). It was beautifully designed, so I kept several of the photos of jet planes sailing in the clouds and tropical vacations. And of course the expensive paintings one can acquire with their credit card. ;) The word LOVER was an old sticker from my stash that resembled a piece of stamped cloth.

I had this vintage clipping of a Roman bust done in a very simple sketchy style. At first I was simply going to add his eye to composition. The shadows around the eye made it look more like an Egyptian heiroglyph at first. Before you know it, I was drawing a full fledged face. 

Of course, I added color and a few extra details, but I stayed pretty true to the original sketch. His hair is green because I happened to have quite a bit of green on my palette. But then I realized I had just watched Batman (1989) when I began this page, watching the Joker and his thugs vandalize a gallery full of priceless art. Maybe the green hair worked in the image subconsciously? Who knows?