Tuesday, November 18, 2014

7/100 ~ 100 Face Challenge

Number 7 appeared with a little vintage flair. I decoupaged a series of die cut squares like the one below that came with a scrapbook kit and let it completely dry. At first I thought I might do a simple line drawing on top, but then decided on painting instead. The line drawing didn't have enough impact with the supplies I had. I can't wait to invest in some nice black and white pens for my art journals. I'd love to hear your suggestions. 

Patchwork of Scrapbook Squares
The fun part was allowing some of the pattern to still peek through. Sometimes it's hard for me to cover up some of these collage elements, but I do so for the sake of the final picture. That is something that was reinforced by Kelly Rae Roberts in her Hello Soul class. 

I chose this tiny vintage photobooth photograph below. She's one of my "found relatives" I added to my Common Threads Junk Journal which I shared back in October. 

Vintage Photobooth

Here's a comparison of my portrait and the photograph. I admit I had to squint to see some of her features and sometimes used my artistic license. Because of my difficulty seeing the details, I couldn't seem to get her eyes to look downward as they do in the original photo. But at least she's looking off to the side. 

Photo and painting comparison

I thought she looked a little like my Grandma Johnson. At some point I'll pull out Grandma's black and white photo and do a portrait of her for the challenge. Until next time, happy creating.