Sunday, November 23, 2014

Art for Africa ~ Auction to Support Orphans in Uganda

Help me raise money to feed orphans in Uganda
Mark your calendars. Monday 24th through Black Friday I am auctioning several original paintings from my studio on eBay (bluebirdsongcottage). This is a special charity auction as part of the Thanksgiving Emergency Fundraiser that began on November 13th for the orphans at Truth of Wings.

I hand-selected some paintings that I created in the past few years that have special meaning. But I'm willing to part with some of my "babies" in order to feed the vulnerable children in Lira, Uganda. It's been close to two months since I was made secretary at Truth of Wings, and I find my heart is knitted together with the children and the founders of the ministry, Okello Tonny and his wife Alice. I am blessed to be in contact with them on a daily basis, as well as others who also serve this ministry. And when I hear reports of one of the children having malaria, or that the cupboards are empty, I cry out to God. I also ask Him for wisdom and strategies to change the situation. I believe selling my art is one way to put my faith into action.

So far, I have chosen five paintings. But I may add some more later in the week for a shorter auction. The current paintings range in sizes from 6 x 6"(15.24cm) to 11 x 14" (27.94 x 35.56cm). Starting bids will range from $25-40. I am giving 80% of the profits directly to Truth of Wings ministry. (20% is for fees, expenses, etc.)

Each painting has a story. Some of I have already blogged about, and some stories haven't been told. I will be sharing the stories this week on the blog and more details about each one. Each one is a piece of my heart. I believe they would make a nice gift for yourself or a loved one.

Keep checking back this week for more details and updates. Here are the five paintings so far up for auction.

Aslan's Symphony No. 1, Acrylic on 6x6 Canvas

Shine, Mixed Media on 6x6" canvas

Cords of Lovingkindness, Acrylic on 200# Watercolor Paper, 11x14"

Healing in His Wings, Acrylic on 10x10" Canvas

Soak Up My Atmosphere, Textured Acrylic on 11x14 Canvas
Please feel free to reblog in it's entirety, share, pin, tweet about this auction. Much love, everybody. If you reblog, let us know in the comments. Thank you so much and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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