Friday, October 24, 2014

Junk Journal #1 ~ Common Threads

I'm pretty excited about my new junk journal. I've been carrying it around for days showing anyone who I think might be remotely interested...OK, well, everyone!

Will you look at my Junk Journal? ;) 
And of course, I made a video to share on my YouTube channel, which was a little more intimidating. Not to mention frustrating. I ran into technical problems with the audio and then a fire truck and ambulance in the background. So I added some music and sped up the video. Besides a few captions, I just let the journal speak for itself as I did with my face-to-face shares. Problem solved. Here's the video in case you missed it:

I wanted to share a few more details on how the junk journal was put together. I mentioned already in the video that I used Easy Twine Binding and reinforced the spine with gold duct tape. I used a combination of machine sewing and hot glue to create tuck spots, pockets, and just add a little visual interest. The sewing element is a big part of the inspiration behind title of my junk journal, "Common Threads."

One of my favorite things about this junk journal was finally finding a home for some vintage photos I had tucked away in a drawer. As a collage artist, I collect ephemera and have also started a collection of "found relatives." The photos in this junk journal range from the 40's through the 60's. When I created the layouts, I began to do a bit of storytelling in my mind. Isn't that what journaling and scrapbooking is all about?

Time Flies JJ layout with "Found Relatives" 

The spread above is one of my favorites in the book. There are a couple of faded photos of families and couples, but I really like the soldier and baby picture. Part of my story for those two is Daddy is off to war, but he always keeps his precious little baby girl close to his heart. She looks like she's gazing up at him in this layout.

The idea of "found relatives" also ties into the "Common Threads" theme in my junk journal. While I've never met any of these people personally, I am honoring their lives and existence in a creative way. We all share so many things in common: birth, marriage, family, war and peace. This journal, which eventually will contain some of my thoughts, stories and photos, is part of that common thread we share. Though I don't have children, hopefully someone will find this journal long after I'm gone and connect to the stories and photos within. At least that's my hope.

Here are a few more pictures from the junk journal. If you have any questions about techniques or materials used, please leave them in the comments section.

Another favorite page with Happy Mail treats. Thanks Kym Murphy for the purple butterfly tag. 

Plain yellow envelope decorated with cover of paper pack. The roses are very glittery. 

Victorian ladies and trim from Lynn L.

Thanks for looking!!!