Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grid Love Art Journal Spreads ~ Inspired by Daisy Yellow

Back in August, I watched some inspiring tutorials by Tammy over at Daisy Yellow to jumpstart my art journal. She showed how to make a journal layout very quickly using a grid format. While I tucked away this idea for a while, now that I'm finally doing my own grid experiments, I'm finding it to be a game changer in how I approach my art journal spreads.

I've always clipped images from magazines, but the idea of using a few tiny squares caused me to rethink the value of certain images. For instance, I might throw away a clothing catalog if I don't care for the styles. But a pattern or color might catch my eye. The same goes for home decor catalogs as well. Now I can cut a swatch of fabric or clip a little object that might not be significant on its own, but in a layout can add just the right touch of texture or interest.

It's also a good way to use up those little bits of ephemera I receive from day to day....a stamp, a word or image from junk mail, or just using those leftover bits on my art table.

Here are a few closeups of my latest grid experiment I completed during an all night art party. ;) I began with some paper weaving using trimmings of leftover scrap paper.

This is similar to what it looked like before (I made a couple paper weavings):

Paper Weaving ~ Don't throw those scraps away! 
This was the first element I glued down, providing a jumping off point for the rest of the grid collage. I loved the eclectic mix of patterns and colors.
Paper Weaving after ~ Covered in Gelly Roll Doodles
Midways through, I started adding paper X's to go with the red O shape. Repetition always helps tie a piece together.
One of my favorite squares is the Sakura Cray-Pas wrapper. This wrapper is from a very old set of oil pastels...probably one of my first sets I received as a teenager. It already had this lovely red color saturated into the yellow wrapper, created by oil pastels that rolled around in the box and "melted" over the years.
Detailed Closeup
I find that the grid experiments help to loosen me up and not take my art journaling so seriously. I realize every page doesn't have to be a laborious process. It can be quick and fun, like a little sketch of ideas. I can feel free to play with design and color without overthinking it. I find a side benefit to the grid collages is my eye is improving for capturing photos as well. This exercise forces you to isolate tiny little details and understand what is the most essential part of a picture. 

I don't drink Starbucks that often, but I thought I'd give a nod to Tammy with this little Starbucks ad. Thank you, Tammy, for helping me rekindle my love for art journaling. May God continue to give you a "green thumb" for creativity and teaching others to flourish in their own art.
The flower pot started looking like a coffee cup in the wee I drew in some coffee over the dirt. ;) 
You can check out Tammy's grid collage tutorial here.

Happy Creating~
Sandra Lee