Thursday, February 26, 2015

Documentation Journal (inspired by Daisy Yellow & Milliande)

The past few days, I completed a studio purge and I'm ready to get down to the business of creating again. I was in my "sweet spot" of consistent creating last fall, and then other projects crowded in, taking priority. I don't know if it's spring fever, but I feel this new creative energy welling up inside of me, and I'm fighting to build creative momentum again. Winter blahs, health issues and depression have kept me down long enough! It's not even March yet, but I'm entering this season like a roaring lion! Hear me ROAR! 

One way of entering this new creative phase is gathering my thoughts, goals and ideas that seemed to scatter like snowflakes in the blustery winter wind. (Yes, that's a bit poetic, but maybe you'll relate!) I checked out Daisy Yellow's Prompt60, and the first prompt totally caught my attention. Tammy suggested making a documentation journal to record those odd moments of inspiration, trivia and practice doodles and creative ideas. Nothing too precious, but something you're not afraid to attack with glue, staples and washi tape. (My favorite go-to is also hot glue!) I chose a cheap composition book, one of many purchased during the back-to-school sales last August. (In hindsight, I wish I would've bought more of the notebooks with graph paper!)

I decorated the front cover with a sailboat image, some scraps of a vintage book dust jacket, a paper bead with similar colors, ledger paper, etc. The vintage novel was called "Beyond this Place", which perfectly describes what I'm trying to accomplish in this new season. Moving on...pushing past old patterns of negative behaviors...overcoming fears. A little sailboat staying afloat on top of all this chaos. 

The cover, like the rest of the notebook, is a work in progress. I'll probably go back in with more textured collage and maybe some paint. But the notebook is ready to house new discoveries! 

The composition book is also inspired by the artist Milliande. She encourages artists to have a variety of portfolios to house their explorations. This includes a simple composition book for documentation and notes. She mentioned how these composition books are difficult to find in the UK, but she made a graphic to add to her plain notebook as well as other portfolios to give the same feel. 

So far, I've added a few smashing journal and collage elements, and added a splash of color with my Derwent Inktense Blocks. 

Be Colorful! Be Bold! Be Memorable! 
The page above is my favorite. I took some notes from an interview with artist Michelle Ward (The When I Grow Up Coach). She's also an actor, and spoke about how frustrated she was that people weren't remembering her or that she didn't seem to be the right fit for parts. So she decided to wear polka dots from head to toe, or take profile pics with bright blue backgrounds (to make her face pop). This bold move paid off. She received more callbacks and coaching clients than ever, and grew in her confidence. I found this image in my stash of a woman dressed in classic polka dots with the phrase "Confident Style." It fit perfectly. I also paired it with a large crayon box from an ad to remind me to be colorful and not to be afraid to color outside the lines! Playing it safe just isn't cutting it anymore! 

A few more pages. Most of these focus on selling tips for artists. I added Monopoly money a pen pal sent me. It reminds me not take marketing and money issues so seriously. I need to develop a lighthearted approach to promotion, and enjoy the business side of art. It doesn't have to be sleazy or slimey. 

The left page is ready for favorite quotes. The iconic image of the little girl with the red balloon is one of my favorites by Banksy. The funny pic of George Washington blowing bubbles is from a medicine ad for Advair. I love how whimsical George is, and it's another reminder not to take marketing so seriously. Below I quickly added some clippings from a local alternative newspaper on arts and culture. I included tabs throughout (adhered with hot glue). Also pockets for more ephemera and journal tip-ins. Looking forward to adding more notes and maybe some of the #Prompt60 projects. 

Sandra Lee