Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Thoughts 365 ~ #17 ~ Dreamer Never Sleep

Dreamer Never Sleep ~ Polyvore Collage by Sandra Martin ~ #happythoughts365
Lately I've been playing on Polyvore again, mainly playing with images found on Pinterest. I enjoy making these mashups, especially pulling together pictures with the same color palette. I think the ballet shoes are exquisite, but I cringe when I think of all the hard work that goes into ballet. Ballerinas performing at the top levels probably do lose sleep as they endure grueling practice and do all they can to make sure they keep their positions. And yet they make their graceful movements look so easy. I think it's the same with art. If you do your job well, it will look effortless to your audience. They may never know the blood, sweat and tears you put into a piece, and really...that's OK. Sometimes hard work is its own reward...and that can even make one happy and satisfied for a job well done. 

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