Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Thoughts 365 ~ #19 ~ Don't Stop Believin'

Don't Stop Believin' ~ Polyvore Collage by Sandra Martin #happythoughts365
This collage is a bit surreal, with a touch of Alice in Wonderland, and a nod to the 80's band Journey. 

It seems that every so often I am engaged in the same old battle....unable to believe in myself or my talent. I think all artists deal with this. One minute we're in love with our work and the next minute we want to throw it in the garbage. Or we feel pretty good about ourselves until we start comparing our work with a fellow artist and then our work suddenly feels crummy. 

So if life seems stacked against you, or someone tries to rain on your parade (even your own negativity), remember to keep the faith. Fight to maintain your position in that realm of wonder.