Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Thoughts 365 ~ #22 ~ Birthday Throwback

It's been a while since I updated my blog. Wanted to get back in the groove and share my latest creation.

 Here's the full spread above. I spent time cleaning my studio and went through a box of keepsakes. Lots of smiles...and tears. I loved this picture from my 2nd birthday. I've been so wrapped up in business research lately that I haven't had time to really sit down and create. 
It felt so good to work on this little mixed media project. It's not meant to look like a picture perfect scrapbook...more like art journaling...just for me. I blasted the Gospel music and was jammin'. Rocking my head, clapping my hands, tapping my feet. 
 Not sure if I liked my hat or I was trying to take it off! I also adored that Snow White cake topper. My dad kept it in a cabinet of treasures for many years. I would see it during my visits with him in the summer.

 I hung on to some foil wrappers from Dove chocolates (mmmm) that hubby bought around Valentine's Day. They had cute messages on them. This one resonated with me...."Smile more." I thought it went well with my party hat in the picture. So I cut the blue foil into fringes to mimic the super cool sparkly stuff on my retro hat. 

 I found a large number two in a magazine which I carefully used as a stencil. I actually preferred the pattern on the back of the two, so after tracing, I flipped it over and glued it down to the left, creating a mirror image. It's kind of funny that this project ended up being #22 for Happy Thoughts. I guess I'm right on time after all! (Just another little moment of serendipity).
Here's a closeup. I used a combination of stickers, scrapbook paper, markers, and colored pencils on these journal pages. 
Here's another shot from the same party. I added a funny crown on a photo app. 

Bye for now! Have a super day. 

~Sandra Lee