Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kandinsky ATC #2

Kandinsky ATC 2/4 by Sandra Martin, Creative Currents

“That’s the thing about jazz: it’s free flowing, it comes from your soul.” 
― Billy Crystal
In my second ATC in the Kandinsky series, I filled the space with a busy array of shapes and colors as I listened to jazz music. Most of the music flowing through Pandora was mellow, like this piece called Stardust by Wynton Marsalis. Some of that was captured in the light purple section on the left.

I enjoyed paying homage to Kandinsky in this free flow work. I tried not to stress over mimicking him exactly. But at times I tried to echo the many-layered circles he is known for. Much of the time, though, my own style and mark-making shines through. 

Billy Crystal's quote about jazz is equally true of spontaneous art. In that place of free flow and letting go, our soul is revealed. Things seem to bubble to the surface on their own accord.

When I look at this piece, again with some distance now, I see a story revealed in the seemingly random marks. The "Kandinsky circles" remind me of cells in the body, dividing and forming new life, thoughts, and ideas. I see a leaf emerging...another symbol of life.

Some of the symbols I was conscious of as I created, but I didn't overthink things. I simply recorded. There are three crosses at the top, symbolic of my faith. In the top right corner is a word balloon. This is a picture of the dialogue between the artist and that which inspires him or her...whether that is God, a piece of music, or their environment. 

The word balloon is also a slight nod to the Peanuts comic strip, which as many of you remember was animated in the 60's and 70's. And the Peanuts theme and other music on the soundtracks were composed by none other than the great jazz musician Wynton Marsalis. 

Keep Creating~
Sandra Lee