Friday, July 25, 2014

Kandinsky ATC #4

Kandinsky ATC 4/4 by Sandra Martin, Creative Currents

“Life is a lot like jazz - it's best when you improvise.” 
~George Gershwin

 This is the fourth ATC in the Kandinsky series. I ended up choosing this card for my collection, and sent 1, 2, and 3 to my other swap partners. I love the rainbow colors of this piece, and some of the concepts that rise to the surface.

The bottom shape is alive with buildings and lights, but when I view it another way, it looks like a brain. All the circuity is alive and vibrant with activity.

I love this quote by George Gershwin. I admit that I don't always live my life as spontaneous as I would wish to. I have this inner artsy alter ego who would dress crazy and relish living in the moment wherever she goes. Someone not afraid to appear foolish or flamboyant in public. I tend to be calm and serene, but when I create those wild colors pour out on the canvas or art journal. I can't seem to restrict myself to a limited palette. When I paint spontaneously, I open up the color palette and allow the color room to breathe, to mingle with the other colors and have lively conversations. 

I love jazz, Celtic music, opera solos, and musical numbers to play in my studio. I also enjoy spontaneous worship music at times when I want to create a peaceful atmosphere in my art space. As the worship artists improvise, it opens up new depths of creativity in my heart, which comes out in my art. Each stage is a process of discovery.

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Sandra Lee