Friday, October 4, 2013

The Moments No. 4

#themoments challenge via Daisy Yellow


"Into every life a little sun must shine!"
Mail Art by June Crawford @ A Creative Dream
Life has been hectic lately as I prepare for my move this weekend. What a joy to open my mailbox and discover a surprise from fellow art blogger June at A Creative Dream. I participated in a mail art swap, which I wrote about here. My assigned partner was unable to send their postcard, and June felt bad for me. So she sent this little gem. I love her intricate linework, including on the's beautiful and precise. 

The word buzzing in my ears lately is bittersweet. I think June's card captures this beautifully. She took the famous quote by Longfellow and turned it completely on its head: 
Into every life a little rain must fall. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 Into every life a little sun must shine!

It's bittersweet to pack up and move. I know I may have a couple days of chaos where I may not be able to create as I get settled in. But I'm looking forward to it! 

I have prepared my pics for the next few days as I transition, gathering recent moments from my life to share with you. 

Artfully Yours,